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The COSMOPlat is an industrial Internet platform built by Haier Group based on mass customization and the Rendanheyi model. It is devoted to providing digital, intelligent, and customized full-scenario solutions for enterprises of different industries and sizes and building a new industrial ecosystem of "large enterprises building together and small enterprises sharing together".


The name "COSMOPlat" comes from the Chaos God in Ancient Greek Mythology, meaning to create a new life in chaos. Since its establishment, the COSMOPlat has expanded to 15 industries and 12 major regions in China and has been replicated in more than 20 countries. Behind this are the continued efforts of the platform in scientific and technological innovations and platform capacity building.


As the first unicorn in industrial Internet, the COSMOPlat has been promoting global industrial transformation with the industrial Internet all the time. It has been selected into the cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platforms by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China for two consecutive years. It has won numerous honors, such as China Management Science Award, the German Industry 4.0 Award, and China Grand Awards for Industry. It has built two lighthouse factories; has led or participated in the drafting of 40 international and national standards. Upon invitation, it has also become a member of the EU’s GAIA-X program.

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