orientation and navigation

We are founding partner and core contributor to the specification of software middleware – the omlox hub. In the moment we volunteer the lead for the omlox committee at Profibus, additionally we coordinate the working group – omlox hub.

Our Deep MapTM RTLS Hub is the premier implementation of the omlox hub specification. Our middleware aggregates and processes location data from different indoor location providers and provides geo-references access to it, via the omlox interfaces. By that means a Deep MapTM RTLS hub can generated 3D fencing and collision events. 

A Deep MapTM RTLS Hub is real-time ready and can run in different setups – on edge nodes, hybrid or in the cloud. It has already connectors to various indoor-location providers built in.  

Additionally, we complement a Deep MapTM RTLS Hub by our own 2D/3D mapping and routing technology that is already been used by technology and innovation leaders globally.

Heidelberg Mobil international GmbH is a hardware-independent vendor of indoor location-based services. With its Deep MapTM technology ecosystem, the company provides orientation for people, things and processes in complex and dynamic spatial setups – for example in manufacturing, retail, healthcare or at large tradeshows. The company was founded in 2007 and has offices in Heidelberg and Canada. It is part of an larger IT group called bridgingIT.


Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH
Berliner Straße 41
D-69120 Heidelberg 
Phone: +49 6221 / 4299-300