Collaboration kick-off between UWB Alliance and omlox

UWB Alliance collaboration omlox network

Exiting news: UWB alliance (UWBA) and omlox are joining forces! The UWBA was established in 2018 to foster the use of UWB technology solutions, promote industry growth and advocate favorable regulatory developments worldwide. “By working together in harmony, we can provide input and synergy on many important technical and regulatory matters both with our standardization efforts and providing alignment concerning certain future aspects for the development of the UWB rulesets worldwide. This will help unlock more innovative use-cases for the industry and augment the huge adoption curve for UWB technology. We are looking forward to active involvement and participation in our roles working together to multiply the unfolding opportunities for our memberships.” states Matthias Jöst, PI Committee Leader of omlox. Find out more: UWB Alliance and omlox Kickoff Collaboration - PROFINEWS