IoT and Location paving the way for energy optimized Intralogistics

FLOWCATE, SICK AG, Software AG, and TRUMPF Tracking Technology present a holistic energy monitoring solution in the framework of the open locating standard – omlox.

sustainability IoT energy optimized Intralogistics.

Our latest use case video: omlox enables sustainable inzralogistic processes!

Everything is moving. This is especially true in today’s production and logistics sites, where materials and products are constantly flowing – inbound and outbound. By nature, every movement is associated with energy consumption. Especially these days, companies are questioning and improving their environmental and social footprint. However, it takes more than hope and good intentions to meet challenging (but important) environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) goals. It takes a connected layer of technology that can assess, track and report on everything a company does:

To make this energy consumption transparent and to allow for optimization, several omlox partners and supporters have joined forces to build a holistic energy monitoring solution based on the omlox locating standard.

The omlox standard facilitates a seamless tracking of transportation in logistics, intralogistics, and production. It specifies a locating-middleware to aggregate location data in a technology-independent manner (omlox hub) and an interoperable Ultrawide-Band System (omlox core zone).

In the specific setup, SICK AG provides an edge-computing IIoT gateway system that enhances forklifts by enabling seamless tracking where their location and energy consumption are communicated in an omlox compliant manner to an omlox hub. TRUMPF Tracking Technology provides an omlox core zone to track materials and products indoors. The location data and energy consumption data is aggregated by an omlox hub from FLOWCATE and transferred to the Cumulocity IoT platform from Software AG for further analytics and visualization by specially developed dashboards. Therefore, the forklift movement is analyzed and correlated with telemetry data like energy usage and battery levels to offer insights about possible route optimizations leading to optimized operations, increased efficiency, and reduced energy consumption.

The modular approach, combining technologies from different vendors is very flexible. It can be adapted to any location-specific set-up and can be extended to also cover energy consumption for material on transit. It enables companies to optimize their material flows, to meet their CO2 reduction and sustainability targets.


Britt Müller (marketing omlox, Marketing & Communication TRUMPF Tracking Technologies)

Matthias Jöst (omlox committee leader)

Barbara Weber (Press Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V.) +49 721 9658 549

Melanie Jendro (PR Manager SICK AG)

Mirko Kraus (Senior Manager Corporate PR DACH)