omlox partner TRUMPF founds new business division for omlox compatible locating solutions

new business division TRUMPF RTLS solutions

One of the omlox initiators and high-tech company TRUMPF founded the new company "TRUMPF Tracking Technologies GmbH" on July 1st, 2021. The company develops and produces location software and electronics for factory equipment manufacturers that they can incorporate into their products. This allows electronic devices such as WiFi routers, 5G transmitters or industrial lights to be upgraded to a transmitter for location technology. In manufacturing plants, for example, you can then ensure that production orders and individual products can be located and tracked. “With our standardized location solutions, we enable smart logistics for networked production. Our offer is based on open standards and thus lays the foundation for a vendor-open and economical use, ”says Eberhard Wahl, CEO of TRUMPF Tracking Technologies. In addition, the company is developing an operating system that can be used to operate, monitor and control location networks. It is based on the open industry standard "omlox" and therefore works independently of the location technology and with different providers. “The omlox standard enables various hardware, software and services to be seamlessly networked with one another. This allows users to set up various applications on our location infrastructure without additional hardware costs, ”says Franz Lehmann, CTO of TRUMPF Tracking Technologies. Thanks to the omlox standard, technologies such as Bluetooth, WIFI or ultra broadband can be used jointly. Ultra-broadband technology is particularly suitable for production because, compared to other transmission technologies, it can be used reliably in the field of metallic machines or products. 

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