New use case with Holo-Light: omlox & AR

New Use Case Augmented Reality Holo-Light

The omlox location standard and the XR streaming solution ISAR target the revolution of industrial indoor navigation with augmented reality. Real-time location data is the basis for more efficient processes. For the first time, information from all existing positioning technologies such as UWB, BLE, RFID, 5G or GPS can be used. In addition, there is an open radio interface in the omlox core zone that enables every manufacturer to locate its devices within the open infrastructure. Machines and equipment can be used more effectively and employees can be guided safely and quickly through industrial halls. omlox transfers all location data into a uniform coordinate reference system. An augmented reality application can convert this into information and makes it visible to the employee in real time. The open infrastructure-based setup of the omlox core-zone is one of the main advantages: The position data is calculated on a central server based on the open omlox core-zone infrastructure. This open infrastructure allows for easy and immediate absolute positioning of the AR devices. In addition, in the omlox architecture, the plant manager retains control over all position data in his plant and can manage them centrally. This facilitates further analyses, for example to optimise spatial processes. 

"We have set ourselves the goal of combining the tracking world of omlox with the AR world. With concrete benefits for the end user and the process design," confirms Eberhard Wahl, commitee leader working group use cases at omlox. In order to realise the use case including the AR application, omlox relies on the XR streaming solution ISAR. The software development kit developed by Holo-Light is a remote rendering component with which entire AR and VR applications can be streamed. This means that the computing power no longer comes from the mobile device itself, but is provided potentially without limit from a powerful local server or from a selected cloud.

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