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Hands on Experience Technology Demonstration Do It Yourself (DIY) omlox on your Android

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Explore the potential of cutting edge localization technology developed for the smart factory industry on your Android device. This DIY kit provides you with a hands-on experience of world's first open locating standard and emphasizes a vital component of smart factories: location tracking and it's diverse applications.

This kit consists of satellites, tags and an Android application. Harness the capabilities of geofences, localization techniques, and numerous tracking applications, with access to a reputable network of omlox partners to leverage key benefits for your organization. This kit will onboard you to omlox, it’s ease of integration, as well as it’s many applications. These include:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Seamless Indoor / Outdoor Tracking
  • Analytics and Software
  • Navigation and Robotics
  • Ultra-Wideband Technology

Through a simple setup with our Android application, coupled with an intuitive user-interface, our DIY kit allows you try out the omlox standard - the next big thing in industry 4.0.