SWAN Insight offers in cooperation with strong partners via RTLS systems the analysis and optimization of shopfloor usage and process automation. Based on Ultra-Wideband technology (UWB), analyses of the ideal use of existing areas and paths are displayed in detail via heat map using indoor tracking of people, machines or goods with a unique precision and in the robustness required by the industry. omlox enables the usage of a huge variety of technologies with an easy integration into our data analysis tool.

The SWAN Heatmap is accessible via a web interface and can be easily integrated into other software products. The analytics engine in the background works efficiently even with large data volumes and scales up to information processing in gigafactories and warehouse complexes. Have your plant in view from everywhere: Whether in the warehouse control center, from the office or directly in the plant on the tablet!

In the Realtime View you can see the current status of your plant. You track your assets, workers and forklifts in real time. The bird's eye view offers you the chance to keep an eye on the entire plant. Freely zoomable and scalable you can look at parts of your plant, react to problems and see directly over- or underloads of the plant.

In the History View you can see the status of your system in a time range that you can freely define. You choose the start and end time or duration of the analysis and you will receive an evaluation of the utilization of your plant in seconds. For example, compare the early shift with the late shift, the early shifts of a week with each other, or a week in quarter 1 with a week in quarter 3. Have you noticed that work was particularly effective at one point? Take a look at why afterwards and use the knowledge to continuously improve your working methods.

In the Replay View, you can see the location of your asset in a time range that you define. You choose the start and end time or duration of the analysis and you will receive a report on the whereabouts of your asset in seconds. Track in real time or accelerate the path of one of your forklifts, see the transport speeds of your goods or check routes for time losses.

Since our foundation in 2011, we have been setting new accents with our solutions in an ever-changing and accelerating supply chain. Today, we are active at more than four locations and together combine more than 500 years of experience in logistics. In doing so, we always reinvent ourselves in order to find solutions for the tasks of the future. Worldwide, we convince customers in a wide range of industries of the quality of our solutions and successfully implement many projects together. Even though SWAN's growth remains unbroken, we are young experts and live with the motivation of a start-up.


Thorsten Lamm
Product Sales Manager
Phone: +49 1520 9391 437