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What we do in omlox

Simplified business flexibility on the shopfloor level

Localization is becoming a central part of the shopfloor infrastructure capability

Critical Business Events like JIT/JIS call offs will depend on localization events

7x24 operations with ZERO Outage required

What we offer

We can integrate the relevant technologies (Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, 4G/5G and omlox UWB Core Zone , UWB Complementary Zone, BLE) with the customer’s existing infrastructure and enable new use cases

7x24 ZERO OUTAGE Operations competence blending into our DevOps approach for omlox

Service stack

RTLS experienced DevOps engineers

Integration of other omlox compatible products into the customers IT landscape

1st and 2nd Level support for the omlox hub, omlox core zone, uwb complementary zone (e.g. Ubisense, Siemens, Kinexon), BLE complementary zone (Quuppa) integrated with our 4G/5G services as one service desk

Integrating the 3rd level support of the vendors

Feature stack

Seamless Tracker Indoor/Outdoor

Situational Awareness Dashboards for Smart Supply Chain and Smart Factory

Covid-19 Dashboard

Operations stack

RPA/AI Driven operations tool for the RTLS

The ZERO Outage approach of T-Systems data centers leveraged to RTLS operations

AR Tools to simplify the setup of a RTLS like Geofence visualization

Run the RTLS server as near-edge capability

Run the omlox hub as needed from near-edge to cloud

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In the area of Smart Factory and Smart Supply Chain we provides various solutions based on localization data.

We are one of the major seamless system integrator in the market for localization!

Let’s power higher performance.


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