General Concept of omlox

omlox is an open standard for precise real-time indoor locating system. The focus of omlox is to define open interfaces for an interoperable locating system. omlox enables various industries to use a single infrastructure with different applications from different providers. As the same infrastructure is used, it lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) enabling easy integration of different applications. One key trait of omlox is that it allows for cyber-physical facilitation, combining the integration of industrial software and hardware solutions in one common ecosystem.

With the ability to integrate different types of software such as a Manufacturing Executive System (MES), asset tracking, and navigation with anti-collision, along with hardware such as drones, AGVs, and loading trucks within the domain of localization – omlox is setting a new benchmark in Industry 4.0.

omlox enables interoperability and flexibility for different trackable providers within single or multiple tracking zones. omlox achieves this through two core components: omlox hub and omlox core zone. The omlox hub enables interoperability and flexibility within different tracking zones while omlox core zone provides interoperability and flexibility within a single tracking zone.

omlox hub: Easy Interaction across Different omlox Complementary Zones

The omlox hub enables interoperability and flexibility across different complementary zones. In addition to UWB, other locating technologies such as RFID, 5G, BLE, Wi-Fi, and GPS are used in production, delivery, and storage. omlox ensures that networks function smoothly and interoperably. This allows companies to easily network applications, such as production control systems, asset tracking, and navigation across different locating zones.

The omlox hub is compatible with multiple tracking zones. Smart factories operating with a UWB localization zone, a truck loading area with GPS-positioning and a warehouse with WIFI-positioning can be efficiently monitored with the omlox hub. The omlox hub empowers transfer, synchronization and orientation matching of maps from discrete, local (mapping from SLAM & other techniques) co-ordinates to global geographic coordinates of the whole smart factory.

omlox core zone: Simple Plug and Play in the UWB area

The omlox core zone works in conjunction with open interfaces and guarantees interoperability in the ultra-wideband (UWB) area. UWB is a radio standard used over short ranges and for indoor locating in factories. Ultra-wideband is particularly robust and ensures precise locating of materials, orders, and navigation of AGVs and drones—even when faced with obstacles, such as metallic reflections. omlox creates an interoperable infrastructure that functions via plug and play. Companies can quickly and easily network all UWB products using the omlox standard, regardless of the manufacturer.