Collaboration with other alliances

UWB Alliance

omlox cooperates with the UWB Alliance in the area of regulatory affairs, for the use of UWB in different countries. The aim of the cooperation includes the harmonisation of the use of radio spectrum. omlox focuses on defining and promoting UWB technology in industry and logistics in order to provide cost-efficient and interoperable real-time positioning services.

The cooperation should have the effect of opening up further innovative use cases for industry and further increasing the acceptance of UWB technology.


The AIM-D association stands for identification. Since identification and location are two fundamental building blocks for building robust supply chains of flexible manufacturing and the Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT). omlox and AIM are starting their cooperation to promote interoperability between AutoID technologies, software systems and solutions.

In addition, both parties jointly work on the OPC companion spec global positioning.

OPC Foundation

omlox and OPC are working on an OPC Companion Specification "Global Positioning". This should enable data from omlox to be used within OPC specifications. For example, when machine data is transferred to the cloud and the machine location is required.


omlox and IDTA will cooporate to develop an asset location sub-model for the Asset Administration Shell (AAS). This should also be able to record the whereabouts in the life cycle of a digital twin. The digital twin connects physical industrial products with the digital world and is the key technology of Industry 4.0.