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You want to join the community?

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omlox is part of Profibus Profinet International

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is a non-profit organization for industrial communication. PI is owner of the PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link technology and responsible for further developments. With 25 regional organizations all over the world, 1.400 member companies and about 4,000 different products, PI is currently the world's largest interest group for industrial communication covering all key markets of industrial automation like factory automation, process automation, motion control and safety related applications. Currently, more than 56 million PROFIBUS products and about 17 million PROFINET nodes are installed worldwide! For more information visit: www.profibus.com

This is what our partners say about omlox

omlox can be seamlessly combined with our 5G campus networks and thus offers real added value for our customers. Through the ideal interaction of different radio technologies, we can thus offer seamless indoor and outdoor tracking.

Matthias Volk, Vice President Sales Automotive Deutsche Telekom Geschäftskunden

omlox offers the possibility to provide location information uniformly which makes it easier to access new fields of application

Sascha Päschel, Product Manager at Pepperl + Fuchs

By eliminating siloed location data and proprietary solutions and enabling smoother integrations, we optimize asset utilization and the efficiency of end-to-end supply chains. 

Pascal Morschbach, Head of Sales and Marketing Flowcate

I am convinced that standardized interoperability of RTLS will significantly improve the options for our customers and opens up new opportunities to develop better products and smarter processes, which is Accenture’s business. This is why we actively contribute to omlox.

Markus Jordans, Managing Director at umlaut Part of Accenture Industry X