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What we do in omlox

What value can we provide on top of the RTLS infrastructure?

We focus our roadmap on the application layer of the RTLS ecosystem, creating software that showcases our expertise and partnership merit.
We listen to the shop floor and we bring it to the table for discussion, into customized solutions, delivering business outcomes with clear, concise, pragmatic know-how.

The omlox consortium is an invaluable working group defining the future of this technology. The collaborative standardization and unified delivery of location data allow the fast and free development of future applications - a responsibility we happily welcome.

What we offer

WHERE IS is the industry aware RTLS software, built from our partners’ real pains and challenges. It is an unique real-time location solution aiming to support business decisions that promote sustainable growth and modernization in the industry.

We offer an all-in-one, consulting-based solution, tailored to provide custom location data.

We foster the specialized valorization of our partners, offering full visibility and transparency over their operations and guaranteeing the competitive edge that does justice to their business vision.

Contact information


André Branquinho
Product Manager
Mail: abranquinho@wavecom.pt


Rua das Cardadeiras no 107

3800-125 Aveiro