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omlox is an open and interoperable standard for a real-time location system (RTLS) in industry. The focus of omlox is to define open interfaces for an interoperable localization system. omlox enables interoperability and flexibility amongst different trackable providers within single or multiple tracking zones.

UWB works like a GPS on steroids that embodies all required features to make it the technology of choice for RTLS solutions. UWB is the most precise location technology available and offers by far the best solution for industrial use cases. RTLS solutions based on UWB track anything in manufacturing and beyond - people, assets, equipment, and vehicles - to analyze workflows, optimize efficiency and increase security.

The omlox core zone works in conjunction with open interfaces (omlox air-interface) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. 

Why use UWB?

  • High accuracy & precision (< 10cm)
  • Low sensitivity to interference (4GHz)
  • High data transmission rates
  • Low power consumption
  • Guaranteed interoperability

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The omlox core zone - works in conjunction with and the open air-interface and guarantees interoperability with ultra-wideband (UWB). Organizations can easily network all UWB products, regardless of the manufacturers.

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A locating middleware that transforms and harmonizes location data from different local coordinates of zones, each derived from one locating technology, into standardized, global geographical coordinates. This standardized data is provided to any system or application via the standardized omlox hub API.

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omlox defines interfaces for omlox core zone and omlox hub: using these technologies, UWB-based (ultra-wideband) devices from different manufacturers can be located in one localization zone, and location information of complementary localization technologies can be mapped holistically.

The omlox logo has two different meanings: 

A PROFIBUS & PROFINET membership and therefore being part of the omlox community.

An omlox certified solution based on one of the standardized interfaces:
The omlox air interface, which means that it can easily be integrated into the UWB based omlox core zone and connect to other omlox based devices
or the omlox hub API, which allows you to use different locating technologies and get an overall overview based on multiple source. 

Some omlox certified products just connect to the omlox hub such as complementary zones or applications.     

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As we are an open community, check out solutions and find your partner who can provide you your individual RTLS solution or contact us via the contact form.

Anyone who wants to use or develop open, future-proven RTLS solutions.

  • No lock-in
    Following a mix & match strategy, ýou can set-up an RTLS as you like it. Hardware, software and application can be combined with providers from the omlox community.

  • No limits
    The omlox hub enables interoperability and flexibility across different locating zones. Various locating technologies (ex. UWB, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5G, RFID, and BLE) can be easily connected, all for the first tim creating a holistic map of the whole smart factory.

  • Lower costs
    Working with standardized interfaces, creating a locating solution that just fits you right are reduced to a minimum. As all suppliers within the omlox community work together, each of them focus on their core competencies that can all be combined. omlox creates an open an open ecosystem, fostering innovation and reducing costs.

Advantages for developers:
  • Your voice counts
    Every member has one vote to decide how to further specify omlox.
  • Open community
    We welcome anyone who wants to take the next step making open and future-proof RTLS solutions.
  • Non-profit
    We are a non-profit organisation and aiming towards the common goal of creating locating solutions of the future.

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