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omlox - the open locating standard

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Find out more about the one interface that allows to use different UWB-equipped devices in one central locating zone, providing robust and precise location data!

Find out more about the omlox hub & the omlox hub API, that allows you to get access to location data from all kind of location technologies in one holistic map!

Use any location data for your application! The omlox community provides you with different application providers - tracking, AR, anti-collision, MES, fleet management - you name it!

Find out why omlox chose Ultra-Wideband (UWB) as the central locating technology and which benefits it offers!

Everything you need to know about the story of omlox: Who was involved, when was omlox started, what have we achieved so far?

AIM-D, OPC Foundation, UWB Alliance: We work together with other alliances!


The locating standard for professional locating solutions.

Download: Flyer (EN)
Download: Flyer (CN)
Download: intro to omlox

Get an overview about omlox, the advantages and insights into the community!


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