What is possible with omlox based location solutions?

The top 5 applications are:

  • General business applications

Many companies rely in the daily business on general application that manage their resources and assets like Enterprise resource planning (ERP), IoT-Platforms or Asset-Management Platforms. Of course, knowing where things are, helps those companies to use their resources more efficiently. Furthermore, companies use location data to minimize manual data entry via Low-Code Platforms or the automize user-input via robotic-process automation (RPA).

  • Business Process Optimization

All companies try to be more efficient – in the sense of resources they need to run their business. Location data and location-events via the omlox-API can help to analyze and automize processes. Those companies employ process mining (BPM) and analytics applications (BA) to get insights on e.g., on their material flow or space consumption.  Quite often location-data is enhancing other data streams within the company and gets stored in data-lakes or distributed via enterprise busses.

  • Production

In today production everything is becoming more dynamic and volatile. Location-data and events can help to cope with this change. The omlox-API allows for an easy integration of production planning systems (PPS) or manufacturing execution systems (MES).

  • Logistics

Logistics is of course on of the core application domains where omlox shines. All sorts for logistic applications, like Warehouse Management (WMS), Yard-Management, AGV Fleet-Management, Truck Fleet-Management or event Supply-Chain Control Towers benefit from standardized access to location data via the omlox-API, no matter which technology, from which vendor is been uses.

Interested in an omlox based application?

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