omlox creates an open ecosystem

omlox defines open interfaces for an interoperable locating system, revolutionizing real-time locating by providing the foundation for the development of next generation RTLS solutions, making Industry 4.0 a reality. Widespread adoption of this new locating standard has taken industry by storm.

omlox enables interoperability and flexibility within single or multiple tracking zones and achieves this through two core components: omlox hub and omlox core zone. The omlox hub enables interoperability and flexibility within different tracking zones while omlox core zone provides interoperability and flexibility within a single tracking zone.

omlox has redefined the way in which different locating technologies can be combined and integrated. The next iteration of the omlox standard focuses on leveraging this foundation by providing algorithms and APIs to add semantics to location data. For example, with the omlox location rule engine, integrators now have a standardized way to easily adapt the tracking process to their own use cases.

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