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What we do in omlox

ZIGPOS as a provider of real-time localization systems on ultra-wideband basis is part of the ecosystem and actively contributes to the specification of the omlox standard.

For Industrie 4.0 business processes in production, quality assurance, manufacturing or controlling are the central questions:

What happened?

          When did the event happen?
          Where did the event happen?
          Why did the event happen?

are the key to success.

By enriching a position information to an event, processes can be mapped more logically and often be understood first. The ZIGPOS RTLS provides this precise position data independent of the UWB transceivers used. The positions are linked with further data and made available via the interface on the omlox hub as well as in a graphical user interface.

The omlox Core Zone makes it possible to use different 3rd party UWB tags in one application, making the use of different hardware a breeze. In addition to the omlox Core Zone, we also offer a complementary BLE or RFID zone to expand the range of applications.

What we offer


The ZIGPOS Real Time Locating System (RTLS) is a scalable service for the positioning and tracking of things in indoor areas inaccessible for GPS. It creates a sensor network based on ultra-wideband (UWB) and implements the specifications of the UWB Alliance, IEEE 802.15.4 and omlox.

The system consists of mobile devices (the ZIGPOS badges), which are tracked, and infrastructure (the ZIGPOS satellites), which are installed in the tracking area. The ZIGPOS Edge Gateway determines the positions of the mobile devices and makes them available via standardized interfaces. Also distributed and in the cloud. It determines the position of things within one second and with an accuracy of up to up to 30cm. With this, integrators and users have a real-time overview of their assets, whether indoor or outdoor.

The Zigpos RTLS software processes the sensor network data from satellites and badges and determines the position of the devices in three-dimensional space. three-dimensional space. It enables updating of the e-paper displays of the ZIGPOS badges and over-the-air firmware updates of all devices. Easy use of the system is achieved through the connected graphical user interface, the ZIGPOS GUI.

ZIGPOS offers a complete package of consulting and installation services. During operation we are available as a partner for support and permanent operation.

Our high-quality hardware in correlation with precise and lean software, enables highly accurate and efficient positioning in any application.

Contact information

German Engineering, Dresden

The founder culture lives. ZIGPOS was founded in 2011 by professors and graduates of electrical engineering in Dresden. The engineering team conducts research with international partners in EU projects. From building automation to autonomous driving, high-precision position and sensor data are generated for smart objects in the IoT world.

Our well-rehearsed developer team designs hardware, software and turnkey sensor networks. Global  customers appreciate our agile engineering.

Today, renowned integrators worldwide rely on ZIGPOS technology. Passionately, we are speeding
up market launches decisively!

CEO Erik Mademann
CEO Christoph Götze

Räcknitzhöhe 35a
01217 Dresden

Mail: contact@zigpos.com
Tel.: +49 351 64750085


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