positioning for everything

ZIGPOS provides precise positioning data regardless of the used UWB transceivers. Zigpos provides the omlox core zone infrastructure (locating engine and satellites) as well as tags for the UWB based locating zone which enables to mix different 3rd Party UWB tags in one application. In addition to the omlox core zone, we also provide a complementary BLE or RFID zone.

ZIGPOS merges sensors data and add 3D coordinates in order to make IoT devices location aware. We support omlox hub API‘s for a variety of customer use cases. Our omlox compliant RTLS Starter-Kits enable integrators to proof their IoT ideas and implement concepts quickly.

Starting as a spin-off of professors and graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Dresden, going beyond the double-digit number of employees to the first major international customer. ZIGPOS was founded in 2011 by Erik Mademann and Christoph Götze, who are still active in the management today. Since the beginning, the company has grown steadily.
In the meantime, customers from all parts of the world rely on ZIGPOS technology. The engineering team conducts research with international partners in EU projects. From building automation to autonomous driving, highly accurate position and sensor data are generated for smart objects in the IoT world.

Erik Mademann, CEO
ZIGPOS GmbH, Räcknitzhöhe 35a, 01217 Dresden, Germany

Phone: +49 351 64 75 00 85

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