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What we do in omlox

Infrafon wants to connect the cloud-based IES backend to omlox and contribute with hybrid localisable smart badges and asset tags to provide industrial users of different localisation technologies with a reliable family of terminals for communication and location. 

What we offer

Infrafon has developed Smart Badge CC1, a credit card-sized device that can replace a smartphone in professional digital workflows. The device communicates via NB-Iot/LTE-M, LoRA or WIFi and has GNSS (GPS), BLE (AoA and RSSI) and UWB location capabilities. The hybrid localisable touch-epaper device will also be available as an industrial asset tag and is thus ideal for mapping human-machine RFID (NFC) supported intralogistics processes. The IES OS offers a REST API.

Contact information

Bismarckallee 22
79098 Freiburg

Website: www.infrafon.com 
Mail: info@infrafon.com