track & trace

TRUMPF is the market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing. We offer the necessary tools to enable the smart factory capabilities of your company on every layer – from hardware to software and services. By analyzing improvement potentials, we learned, that the processes between the machines are the bottleneck for our customers, which is why we focus on intralogistics.

Location data is the enabler for a digital twin of your firm, which is one of the key instruments of industry 4.0 and improved intralogistics.

Our belief is, that only a standardized locating system can make the usage of location data widely available – also for small and medium sized companies.

This is why we are proud to be one of the founding members of omloxand will be driving the omloxstandard in the future.

Track & Trace

How much time do your employees lose searching for orders and items on the shop floor? On average, human beings spend and entire year out of their lifetime searching for things. Sheet metal workers can now change this – with intelligent indoor localization for production areas.

Overseeing current orders is becoming increasingly difficult. At the same time, many customers want to know the status of their order at all times – just like they are used to from shopping online. Neither is possible without intelligent logistics. Simply opt for live localization: Track&Traceachieves transparency.

Track&Traceis an indoor localization solution based on robust ultra-wide band technology (UWB). It determines the position of the markers three-dimensionally, through satellites in the room, using radio. The included software makes the information immediately available to the operator. The markers can be added to parts stacks, or attached to carriers or forklift trucks. This allows you to, for example, follow urgent orders in real time. 

Tool tracking

The TRUMPF TruToolTSC 100, used to clean slats on laser cutting machines, is a special power tool commonly used in industrial facilities. The build-in tracking capabilities of the tool allow for real time transparency and optimization. The tracking of the asset as well as recording of operating hours is essential for a well-functioning manufacturing environment. With the exact location information of the tools, search times can be reduced to zero and optimal maintenance intervals can be calculated with the help of usage times, derived from the location data. These functionalities make the TRUMPF TruTool100 a fully integrated power tool for highly automated industrial facilities.

Our mission is to further develop and digitally connect production technology, to make it even more efficient, precise, and future-proof. In doing so, we want to make manufacturing and its upstream and downstream processes more efficient. This is how we build the industrial world of tomorrow. We are market and technology leaders in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing, and work with our innovations in almost every sector. Our software solutions pave the way to the Smart Factory, allowing us to implement high-tech processes in industrial electronics.


Daniel Bossert
Head of Customer Projects
Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG