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What we do in omlox

The quality assistance system of Sarissa GmbH enables a zero-mistakes-production and so Poka Yoke in its purest form. The focus is on the quality assurance of the automation, picking and installation. Typical applications range from automotive and their supply industry through the aviation industry to the general industry.

What we offer

The Sarissa Systemsolutions enable the ultrasonic based Localisation of any objects in the room. Application areas are in the identifying and localization of tools as well as the support of the worker at the manual workstation. Sarissa QualityAssist and PositionBox provide the benefits of quality survey in the manufacturing process and so the cost-intensive production control at the end is no longer required.

Contact information

Herr Volker Jauch 

Mail: office@sarissa.de
Phone: +49 751 509 159 00