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What we do in omlox

At IDENTEC SOLUTIONS we are engineering ideas to improve efficiency in the Industrial Internet of Things. Our wireless solutions keep people safe, make teams work better, deliver valuable insights and eliminate wastefulness. Thats´s why the world´s biggest and most productive automotive suppliers and carmakers, ports, mines and energy operators trust us to help them better utilise the resources they have.

As an omlox member, we believe in the technical integration of individual systems. With an open RTLS standard, the ecosystem of suppliers can untap synergies but most importantly it provides end to end visibility to the production process.

What we offer

INDENTEC SOLUTIONS offers a simple, highly scalable solution tailor-made to boost productivity in non-conveyor belt mass production processes. We keep the flexibility of your production islands without the frustrations of manual processes. Our solutions are designed to integrate into your IT landscape via standard API´s and become an important part of your manufacturing operations.

The correct identification of all material throughout the entire production process eliminates idle time and waste caused by incorrect deliveries. Possible delays are reduced to zero. You gain real-time visibility (RTLS) of every single material in your production process with unmatched scalability. Our wireless solution constantly connects the physical location of all products to a central server and provides valuable assistance to your workforce to do their job right without any need for training. There´s no need for high CAPEX investments like automated guided vehicles (AGV´s), automated guided carts (AGC´s), or fully automated factory, it is created to standardise your processes while staying flexible.

Contact information

Website: https://www.identecsolutions.com

Contact: Markus Heimgartner
Mail: mheimgartner@identecsolutions.com