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What we do in omlox

Making Ubudu RTLS standard and compatible with any technology compliant with Omlox ecosystem. More specifically, we work on making Ubudu's APIs compatible with Omlox hub implementation application interface supporting two connection and data transmission types: HTTPS/REST and WebSocket.

What we offer

Ubudu offers an end-to-end hybrid RTLS solution including Hardware we design, often produce and in-house software that is open and can be integrated via APIs with third party products and solutions. Ubudu RTLS leverages simultaneously multiple technologies (BLE, UWB and LoRa) in order to address a wide array of use cases in different environments. Ubudu provides indoor RTLS solutions since 2011, with more than 5000 sites deployed in 35 countries.

Contact information


Victor Bogey
Sales Director
Mail: info@ubudu.com
Website: https://ubudu.com/