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What we do in omlox 

Forthink focuses on providing localisation services, utilizing positioning technology and aPaaS service platform as the foundation to deliver comprehensive localisation solutions. Since 2019, we keenly observed the trends in smart IoT and Industry 4.0 development, introducing the concept of "Location IoT" at the World 5G Convention. We have launched a holistic Location IoT solution with Real-Time Location System (RTLS) upon that concept.

Our business encompasses hardware, software, and algorithms, covering the entire process from product design, research and development, integration, production, manufacturing, sales, to after-sales service. Our Location IoT platform provides not only highly reliable RTLS for clients but also tailored location service solutions for various industries, including power plants, coal mines, tunnels, smart factories, law enforcement, and chemical safety.

Our mission is to empower clients through location services, enabling them to stand out in the competitive market and collectively shaping a smart future in the era of the Internet of Things.
This is why we are proud to be one of the members of omlox and will be driving the standard omlox in the future.

What we offer

Forthink provides a comprehensive Location IoT system architecture built on positioning technologies such as Ultra-Wideband (UWB), providing RTLS with precision up to 5cm. This architecture encompasses a Location IoT platform comprising positioning anchors, positioning tags, GIS engine, industry-specific application software, etc.

In the realm of smart manufacturing, Forthink visual solutions centered integrating video monitoring, location-based data analysis, and digital twin technology based on around high-precision positioning. We enable real-time penetration of production and management data, significantly enhancing efficiency of scheduling and capabilities of decision in production and operational management. Our labor management solutions focus on intelligent operations in scenarios such as manufacturing identification, positioning, attendance tracking, and production scheduling, leveraging high-precision positioning to ensure product quality, reduce workforce intensity, and boost labor productivity.

For safety in production management, our solutions harness the power of wireless integrated positioning technology, facilitating the swift deployment of major hazard monitoring, hazard investigation, risk zone access management, and event traceability management. This leads to a significant decrease in accident rates and an improvement in the capacity to promptly identify potential hazards.

As of now, Forthink has successfully implemented over 2000  applications, driving the intelligence of IoT through smart location information.

Contact information 


Chao Lou
Vize president business development
Email: luochao@everhigh.com.cn
Chengdu Forthink Technology Co., Ltd.