location data unification

As a key founding member of the omlox standard, Flowcate developed the premier omlox-compliant middleware – the DeepHub®. The DeepHub enables organizations to integrate location data from all positioning technologies and providers in an interoperable manner, and to enhance their products and solutions for process automation and location-aware use cases.

The DeepHub allows for seamless tracking of assets across indoor and outdoor environments, and the management of all process steps within networked supply chains through technology-independent geofencing functionalities. ​

The Deep Hub is lightweight and excels in a wide range of environments, ranging from small edge devices to cascading cloud services. Fundamentally, it translates positioning data from different local coordinate systems into geographical coordinates, and streamlines the integration of RTLS solutions into IoT applications, such as WMS, MES, PPS, ERP.

Flowcate is a global technology company focused on reshaping how location data is used in IoT. Based out of Germany, we have been pioneers in location-based service solutions and geospatial expertise since 1998.

With our mission to make the world a little bit better day by day, we are dedicated to connecting the dots for unlimited possibilities, enabling new and innovative solutions in the framework of the IoT world. 

Flowcate is an official brand of Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH

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