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Fachhochschule St. Pölten

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What we do in omlox

We conduct basic and applied research funded by regional, national ans international organisations. In our R&D projects we cover all aspects of Design Science Research, a problem-oriented approach characterised by ths systematic analysis, design, creation and evaluation of digital artefacts. 

What we offer


State of the Art Research in Science & Technology | Domain and Problem Analysis | Design Analysis | Feasibility Studies


Concept- and Method Development | Algorithm Design | Design of Media Workflows

Prototyping & Production

Implementation of Software Prototypes | Development of Hardware Prototypes | Media Production


Comparative Evaluations | Usability Studies & User Testing | Controlled Experiments (qualitative & quantitative) | Field Studies

Contact information

Christian Jandl
E-Mail: cjandl@fhstp.ac.at
Mobil: +43 676 847 228 618