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What we do in omlox

Cleanfix AG has developed a unique cleaning robot RA660 Navi and set it into the market. The robot can work in every environment with stable orientation thanks to the software. We want to create another advantage with omlox and specialise on spot cleaning so that the dirt is not spread everywhere around the environment instead we want to clean it directly with the robot.

What we offer

We can offer a stable secure cleaning robot with the positive reference of more than 500 successfully installation on the market. Our cleaning robot is easy in maintenance and operation and has a lot of advantages with the form and size.

The Cleaning robot is covering different industry sectors and satisfied the clients completely even exceeds their expectations. Further developments are constantly taking place to meet the ever increasing requirements and new areas of application in the market. Manage and control trough app, docking station and longer running battery are just a few new and better features of the robot. With the collaboration with omlox there will be more features possible.

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Cleanliness has a name: 
R&D and full production of all the products is in the headquarters in Switzerland. Cleanfix develops and produces cleaning machines for professional use. 
The top priority is to offer reliable Swiss quality products – with perfect support, service and spare parts availability. Thanks to constant innovation, Cleanfix has been able to expand its position in the market and is now excellently positioned by its worldwide subsidiaries and agencies. Cleanfix machines are used in more than 90 countries to keep properties perfectly clean.



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