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What we do in omlox 

As omlox' main partner, we have been involved in the development of the standard from the beginning.

omlox provides us the ideal platform for connecting different location systems to all industrials participants. These are directly integrated to NAiSE Traffic Management, allowing the AGVs, forklifts, products and people to connect with each other. Thereby, we improve the automation level of the supply chain in the industry, bringing it one step closer to the industry of the future (industry 4.0).

Our customers benefit from both the easy integration of different location technologies and the higher level of automation NAiSE Traffic Management provides.

What we offer 

Manage your flow of goods with NAiSE Traffic Control. AGVs from different manufacturers can cooperate and work together in one holistic system. You can coordinate your AGV fleet, build traffic processes, make logic decisions and plan routes. All while having a direct connection to your WMS/MES. NAiSE Traffic Control avoids deadlocks with other participants like forklifts and tuggertrains and increases the flow and efficiency of your warehouse and production floor. With NAiSE Software you can easily create intelligent processes in which the vehicles adapt automatically to the current situation in your facilities.

Contact information

NAiSE was founded in 2017, with the vision to bring transparency and flexibility to the factory of the future. From the beginning, our focus was to create a solution designed for the industry, that is why we have been working side by side with our partners / customers since day one. With focus in the intralogistics and production lines, NAiSEincreases the efficiency of the information and material flow, while transforming the old and rigid environment of the current industry into a flexible and fluidic factory. Our headquarters in ARENA2036 in Stuttgart, enables us to work with the latest technologies. We develop and test our solutions in a realistic environment along with experts of the automobile industry. Our NAiSE System is active in different production halls and warehouses all over Germany.


Kai Przybysz-Herz
Email: Kai@naise.xyz