Wireless IOT Tomorrow

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18. - 10/19/2023

10:00 - 19:00


https://wiot-tomorrow.com/ _blank

Just imagine: You enter the exhibition hall of the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. On the left side you see an industrial robot demonstrating sensor technology and UHF RFID. On the right, a supplier shows miniaturised NFC and BLE tags. Straight ahead, your gaze falls on the conference stage. Here, end users and innovators explain wireless IoT technologies. Speakers report on projects and success stories. And: now you have arrived in the world of wireless IoT. And where are you? At Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023! Europe's largest event for wireless IoT. The fundamental technologies are RFID, NFC, BLE, 4G & 5G, sensors, AI, robotics, OPC UA and LoRaWAN.

So meet omlox live at Wireless IOT Tomorrow, europe's unique trade show with exhibition and conference 100% focusing on wireless IoT. Visit us on October 18th - 19th at Booth #52!

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